Go mobile. But not clueless!

27 January 2012  Miz MoBile, No Comments

Do you own a mobile phone? You probably do. If you were a Portuguese teacher, I’d said you probably own two or even three; one per mobile services company. If you are from the USA, chances are most, if not all, your students own one too. Just so I make sure you know what I [...]

Cartoon Dramas

19 January 2012  Miz MoBile, No Comments

Speaking about creative ways of (re)presenting the English language, here’s an excellent post from a young wannabe writer. Just loved it! http://cartoondramas.wordpress.com/2012/01/17/the-idiocy-of-the-english-language/

Ereativity beats brick and mortar

18 January 2012  Miz MoBile, No Comments

Yes, a forged word. A neologism. The truth is that I relish on my virtual reading whenever I can. Creativity does not hit us in the head by chance as we go down the street. We need to go and get it. I get regular creativity doses from many different sources. One of them is [...]


18 January 2012  Miz MoBile, No Comments

Yes, I’ve written posts only but I’ve used this word in all posts. No, I am not a vocabulary-challenged teacher. The truth is that creativity is the most valuable thing you can bring into a classroom. It will always save the day whenever handouts, and technology fails. Creativity is a muscle you must exercise. The [...]

Who the hell are you anyway??

18 January 2012  Miz MoBile, No Comments

Me? A language teacher, tutor and reader, who has grown tired of doing nothing with what I know and have learned over the years. I am also a good listener and an even better reader. So if you have any requests on how to help you getting creative, let me know. I love a challenge. [...]

Go Mobile!

2 May 2011  Miz MoBile, No Comments

Are you a teacher? Are you lost up here in the cloud not knowing what to do and how to do it? Do you teach English or a Second Language?  Are you a just another web surfer without (so you say) an ounce of web creativity in you? Then keep reading me. Like you I [...]

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